Sabeeka Hasan - I miss you!

Sabeeka Hasan, I wish I never knew you
You defy the know I know of love
I search reasons to hate you
Love cloaks me more in the hunt

So now I try not to think of you
Ignoring my desire to call
Explaining that you reciprocate not
I don't know what else to do

My latest love confession

I miss you now
Its 2 pass 20mins in the wee hours of Saturday. I had a long tiring day and been short on[...]
I showed your picture to my mom and younger sister
Last night as I kept ranting about marriage and relationship to my mom, especially the one with a religious female.[...]
I hope you are alright
Sabeekaji Something is making me worried for you. Feels like something amiss. I hope and pray you are doing alright.[...]
Quratulain Balouch
Hear her often these days.
My heart just skipped a beat
As I am working on the design of the website. I get a call, asking me to talk to Sabeeka[...]